atout france

‘What’s your tour de France?’

France offers a rich diversity of holiday experiences; from the great outdoors, to food and drink, sports and activities, city breaks, culture and history, enabling visitors to enjoy wildly different holiday experiences in one visit.

For the last 3 years we’ve re-established France as the UK’s favourite European holiday destination regaining visitors lost to Spain, Greece and Italy.

‘What’s your tour de France’ aligns the interests of partners, including regional tourist boards, ferries, airlines and tour operators, with a single over arching positioning in the UK market.

Using Instagram style imagery of different peoples’ holidays, we showed our audience they can have their holiday in France, their way.

The SOUK Experience

• Brand strategy
• Outdoor ad campaign – developing up to 250 ad versions to accommodate partners and carriers
• Press campaign – comprising of around 20 ad versions
• Radio campaign – for Western France partners
• Online media – creating in the region of 200 ad versions across display network, including Facebook ads and Twitter sponsored links
• A dedicated website for to deliver inspirational content and drive traffic through to partner sites.