Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

A more rewarding experience.

SOUK have been doing CRM and website work for Isle of Man SteamPacket for a few years.

We’ve established a tone of voice and feel for talking to various audiences, whether families, walkers, cyclists, or bikers going over for the famous TT races.

Our thinking was, its not just about to do on the ferry but what to do when they got to the island itself.

We then sharpened that thinking with the line ‘Pack More In’ and made a series of online content films showcasing the sheer breadth of things to do on island and on board for the different target markets.

Customers were the engine to drive future sales. But the problem was, who to talk to, when to talk to them and about what?

We cleaned and interrogated their data to create clearly defined segments. We then designed and implemented their eCRM programme to drive more business from their valuable customer base.

Fast forward a few years and we continue to work with the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company to help grow their business in CRM. To attract new customers we regularly create prospect campaigns targeting specific key audiences. We’ve focussed on the most famous event in the Island’s calendar, the TT races, targeting bike owners who hadn’t travelled with the Steam Packet Company before. And also ran a heritage campaign, targeting National Trust members.

Clean data plus single minded online communication plans helped raise revenue from existing customers.


The SOUK Experience

• Data cleaning and profiling
• Data segmentation including transaction modelling
• Set up and run eCRM programme
• Design, write and build emails
• Effective prospect campaigns
• Measurement and reporting