To TV or not to TV?

There is no debate, more and more travel brands are going on TV.

• 7 out of the 10 fastest growing travel brands over the last 3 years have used TV.

Perceptions that it’s expensive, difficult and not measurable have disappeared.

• With more niche channels and more sophisticated targeting through Sky AdSmart, TV is more viable than ever.

The reality is that if you use experts like us, the UK’s number one travel marketing specialist, you can;

• Make a commercial from as little as £10,000.
• Have a complete package, commercial plus media, for around £100,000.
• Can be on TV in just 6 weeks from script to first airdate.
• Can have an idea that will embrace both brand and DRTV needs.
• Have rich content for online channels.

With our decade of TV travel experience we can;

• Help write an effective TV creative brief.
• Develop the best TV strategy.
• Create, write and storyboard scripts.
• Direct them very cost-effectively.
• Our media experts can plan and buy your media spots.
• We can analyse response data and fine tune accordingly.

We’ve helped countless brands be successful on TV, if you’d like yours to be next, call SOUK on 0203 117 0950 or email: